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  • PINK FAIRY HEADBAND - Hair Drama Company
  • PINK FAIRY HEADBAND - Hair Drama Company
  • PINK FAIRY HEADBAND - Hair Drama Company





Pink Fairy Headband
Do you wish to own a hair accessory that makes you stand out in the crowd? Hair Drama Co brings you organza fabric headbands in more than 5 colors. Pink colored organza headband is one of them. It is made up of bottle pink purple colored organza fabric and satin. Organza is hand-stitched on satin headband with a knot on the centre which makes it a different product to own, than others. It is a smooth product to wear for longer period of time without itches or prickling.
The grip is good enough and flexible for every head. Can be used for photoshoots, festivals, fashion shows, gatherings, parties, date night, pre-wedding functions, etc. It is a simple product with one color that will look chic on any kind of hair – be it black hair or blonde. Hair Drama Co launched a new collection – YESTERDAY’s TOMORROW wherein all the products are inspired by designs created by the village karigars. All the designs are traditional and colors are bold which are coming back into style.
The materials used to create this product are of premium quality, however, avoid using soap, detergent or chemical on that. To maintain it for longer period of time, soak it in cold water and let it dry naturally.

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